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Our Mission

We work with people who want to achieve something great with their money. 

Our mission is centered on helping you reach your financial goals, not company sales quotas.


Our Story

“To truly put clients first, we have to operate as advisors, not salespeople.”

Breanna Stott, Founder & CEO

Most financial service companies don’t operate this way. And that didn't sit well with us.

So, we created Finwell: A fee-only financial planning and wealth management company devoted to helping you reach your financial goals, not sales quotas.


We are proud to be:


  • Women founded and owned

  • Owned primarily by employees

  • Involved in pro-bono financial literacy for our communities

Who We Serve

Core Values

We put you and your goals first. Always.

We communicate with you often.

Provide actionable and relevant advice.

We believe in teaching, not preaching.

Who We Serve

Working Professionals

Our working professional client's range across the wealth spectrum, from entry level all the way up to executives in all business sectors (medical, dental, F&B, fashion). However, we specialize in tech.


We have worked with tech founders and their employees since 2008. Our clients have worked for start-ups of all sizes and large tech firms such as Facebook (Meta), Snapchat, Google, Apple, Salesforce, Amazon and Microsoft.



We advise the specialty market of musicians, actors, TV writers, and social media stars through financial planning, coaching, and investment management.


Our entertainment clients tend to be high income earners with complex finances. We help our entertainment clients enjoy their lives today, while planning to meet their long term goals using specialized strategies and actionable advice.


Members of our team have worked with entrepreneurs and business owners since 2007, before we created Finwell. 


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re passionate about helping  our fellow business owners navigate their complex finances, prepare for exits, or transition their business to loved ones. 


Our Team

Contact us

Schedule a 15 minute consultation here.

Thanks for reaching out! A Finwell team member will be in touch soon.

Main Office

709 Merritt Ave

Nashville, TN 37202
United States

Other Locations 

Encino, CA

Finwell, Inc. is an Investment Adviser registered with the State of California, North Carolina and Tennessee. Any information provided has been obtained from sources considered reliable, but we do not guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of any description of securities, markets or developments mentioned. Finwell, Inc. cannot act on any requests to authorize, direct or effect the purchase or sale of any security, wire transfer, or to affect any other transactions verbally or in writing, unless Finwell, Inc. is hired as your investment advisor.  Such requests, orders, or other instructions should be sent to and confirmed by your investment management firm. If Finwell is hired to be your investment advisor, please call your representative or email them directly for instructions to complete your request.  We are unable to ensure email sent to you from us, or sent from you to us will be received. Please contact us at  if there is any change in your financial situation, needs, goals or objectives. Additionally, we recommend you compare any account reports from Finwell, Inc. with the account statements from your Custodian, financial advisor or investment management company for accuracy and updated information. Our current disclosure brochure, Form ADV Part 2, is available for your review here. This disclosure brochure, or a summary of material changes made, is also provided to our clients on an annual basis. 

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