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Coaching Sessions
(55 minutes)


Budgeting and Saving Strategy

Talk through how to build an effective budget, how to prioritize savings goals, and strategies to make saving a part of your everyday financial life.


Employer Benefits

Review and strategize on maximizing your employer provided benefits, including 401(k), HSA, life insurance, disability, family planning, and other perks and benefits.



Debt Management

Review your current debt situation, including credit cards, personal loans, auto loans and student loans. Strategize on consolidating, refinancing, and repayment methods. 



Next Level

College Planning

Guidance on saving and paying for college, either your own or someone else's. Talk through financing options and other important considerations when deciding on the school and degree.



Retirement Planning

Retirement-readiness checkup. Review retirement accounts, talk through lifestyle expectations, analyze investments and contributions, and strategize on how to retire on your terms. 



Wealth Building

Strategize on how to build wealth effectively given your current income stage of life, while balancing your current lifestyle and obligations. Talk through investing, passive income, and a wealth mindset.




Basic Estate Planning

Review your estate planning needs based on your stage of life, family dynamics, and asset complexity.



*Document prep fees not included.

Major Purchase

Review and strategize on saving for and/or financing a major purchase, such as a home, car, wedding, etc. Guidance on affordability, best practices, common pitfalls, and setting expectations.



Restricted Stock and Options

Guidance on how to navigate and manage your restricted stock units (RSUs), qualified stock options (QSOs), non-qualified stock options (NQSOs), and more. 



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